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Maddie's Meanderings
26th-Mar-2008 12:38 pm
So the father-in-law wedding was gorgeous and simple, and wasn't nearly as drunkedy.

Work has been good, I am pulling a fair amount of overtime which has been nice. I am a woman possessed with money right now because of that student loan. I mean we are paying it down but it has slowed significantly. I know my husband's idea to go ahead with the 2007 IRA is a great one. I just feel super stressed that we have this one last bill that has been dogging me since 1997 (technically since they are college loans) and we are hemorrhaging money into savings. I will just be a calmer person when it is done. Being the grand planner I already have tons of things I wanna do at the end of summer and beginning of fall, and so I am ready to push past this obstacle to get there.

I am also ready to start traveling more as well. We have lived in a state of stasis for about 2 years now trying to pay off bills and prep our lives to live without credit cards and debt. I am ready to DO more now. Every day I am flitting off to Bhutan, then Turkey, then Greece, then Italy, and of course, the American West.
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